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Best Batch Chili Mix

Our award-winning chili powder. Includes the famous "Dysfunctional Family Style Chili" recipe.

Available in three heat levels - zesty, zippy and zany.  Packaged in a 2.25 oz. sealed bag.

  Price - 2.25 oz. bag, All Heat Levels, $3.99
Zesty -
Zippy -
Zany -

Best Batch Chili Mix 18 oz. Container

 Available for restaurant and other food service establishments.  Zippy and Zany heat levels are available.

  Price - 18 oz. jar Zippy-$13.49, Zany-$14.49
Zippy -
Zany -

18 oz. Zesty Chili Mix is temporarily out of stock.

Best Batch Chili Powder XX Hot

 If you like your chili really hot, with a great chile flavor, this powder is for you. 




Price - 2 oz. bag $4.49

Competition Blend Chili Mix

Your new competitive edge!  Developed for use in competitive chili cook-offs, and great at home too.  Available in 18 oz.


  Price-18 oz. $19.00
18 oz. -

20 Pepper Salsa

A great dipping salsa, in the traditional style. Made with our blend of 20 exotic chiles and all natural ingredients.  Hot, but not crazy-hot.


Packaged in 16 oz. jars. Temporarily Out Of Stock

Price - 16 oz. jar $5.49 

20 Pepper Extra Hot Salsa

Made with our blend of 20 exotic chiles and all natural ingredients, with an extra kick. 

Check out our review.


Packaged in 16 oz. jars.

Price - 16 oz. jar $5.49 

20 Pepper Original Jam

A classic red pepper jam, with our 20 Pepper blend.  A great mix of sweet and hot.

Packaged in 8 oz. jars.

Price - 8 oz. jar $4.49

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